2014-07-31 (Th) Charged: DesertIrish

I didn't write a lot today but I wrote a dream sequence and those are always a trip. The analogy that comes to mind is painting a picture but intentionally using inaccurate colors.

Enough background.

Dawson was given the office cot after his flight with Shana since he was exhausted. Shana met everyone while Dawson slept for an indeterminate amount of time. His dream was written as a single paragraph in italics. The dream recalled his flight to get Shana. Dawson woke up to see everyone talking with Shana. Head was suspicious which Dawson takes seriously but puts his trust in Jason's judgement.

Today’s word count:  50 000 - 49 385 = 615 words
Total word count: 83 897 + 50 000 = 133 897 words

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