2014-08-02 (Sa) Charged: DesertIrish

The conflict between Head and Shana wound down but he was still suspicious of her. They all went to The Unnamed Cafe in two vehicles. Shana admitted she would have liked a shower so Dawson freshened her clothes. Dawson agreed to pay for Shana if she listened to his job proposal. Inside the owner of the cafe asked her not to use her power. Everyone assumed it was because she shouldn't expose anyone but it was actually because the owner didn't want anyone else to see what he looked like. Heather, Motor, and Head arrived a few minutes later with spare clothes for Shana. The general theme of the writing was to show group cohesion with the exception of Head.

Today’s word count:  52 351 - 51 121 = 1 230 words
Total word count: 52 351 + 83 897 = 136 248 words

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