2014-08-04 (M) Arduino Powered Tattoo Machine Controller

 First try

Second try

Lightning is difficult to photograph. Which makes it rewarding. These are a series of photos animated to show contrast. Each image was exposed for four seconds so an image that takes three seconds to loop means that the shutter was open for a solid minute. 200mS delay per frame and fifteen frames.

Sometimes it's fun to break out my old digital camera which can do things my camera phone can't. I can hold the shutter open for four seconds and manually control the focus. I can add lenses and filters. On the other hand my camera phone can take 20MP pictures and deposit them right on my computer, so there's that.

Enough background.

All stainless steel hardware was purchased with the assumption this device may need harsh sterilization. The old hardware was removed since it contained nylon which may be able to tolerate harsh sterilization but was not stainless steel as the metal parts. The bracket created on 2014-08-03 (Su) was made from aluminum. The dashpot may not be able to be sterilized harshly. The unit was assembled and a rotating series of pictures was taken then animated with GIMP.

 New hardware
Upgraded tattoo machine

To do:
  • Reattach electrical to tattoo machine
  • Drill + Tap lever arm
  • Reprogram controller to use duty cycle

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