2014-08-06 (W) Arduino Powered Tattoo Machine Controller

The tattoo machine armature bar, which had previously been called the lever arm, was removed from the tattoo machine. A divot was put in the top near the needle post. A small hole was piloted then drilled with a #43 bit which was bundled with a #4-40 tap. The ends of the hole were smoothed by lightly drilling with a large drill bit to remove the burrs. The #4-40 tap was inserted into the electric drill chuck but broke off while tapping. All attempts to remove the tap failed. A second hole was drilled behind the first. A trip was made to the hardware store but no suitable tap was available.

 Armature bar, pilot drill bit, #43 drill bit, #4-40 tap

Making divot with automatic center punch

Piloting hole
Hole to be tapped
Broken tap
Second hole

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