2014-08-09 (Sa) Arduino Powered Tattoo Machine Controller

The power supply used for testing on 2014-08-08 (F) was 1.25A at 12VDC. A second supply with 3.35A at 12VDC was substituted to test if the available power was too weak to pull the armature bar. The power supply, pedal, and tattoo machine were plugged into the control box and a range of frequencies was tested. Different methods were examined to operate the tattoo machine. A rubber band tax tensed on the armature bar to pull against the spring. A finger was placed above the armature bar to reduce the amount of travel. Both methods improved performance but insufficiently to be an effective tool. The replacement power supply also made a difference.

 Replacement power supply

Control box, tattoo machine, pedal, and power supply

Testing the tattoo machine with a rubber band

Limiting the armature bar travel with a finger

To do:

  • Cushion lever arm
  • Reprogram to use duty cycle 

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