2014-08-12 (Tu) ESPeri.Impass

Non-ferrous, presumably brass, cones were purchased. The cones were fashion studs meant to adorn textiles. The cones were a suitable size and shape for prototyping the Impass. In addition to the cone shape each stud had four prongs which made magnet alignment simple. The other studs may be bent hubward or ante-hubward to make contact with posts or whiskers inside or outside the rim. Two small magnets were glued to the prongs at one stud both facing the same magnetic direction. The stud fell on the floor and was promptly lost. Another copy was made. The newly constructed compass spinner was set on top of a vertical brass screw and allowed to spin freely. It moved considerably but very freely and consistently pointed magnetic north or responded to nearby permanent magnetic fields.

 Box of fashion studs

Shape of cones

Cone with magnets glued in place

Freely moving compass spinner
Hubward bent prong

To do:
  • Build platform for spinner 
  • Test + Evaluate 
  • Redesign 
  • Rebuild 
  • Repeat

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