2014-08-13 (W) ESPeri.Impass

Rubber washers were purchased to act as a cap for the top of the compass spinner. The concept is that by lowering a soft ring on top of the compass spinner the range of motion will be limited so minimal jarring will be felt when not pointing at the angle of interest. The two-prong aluminum and brass structure may provide a method of supporting the spinner while lowering the rubber cap directly over the tip of the compass spinner post.

Materials. Al and brass structure. Rubber washers. Brass nuts.

Spinner wobbling lazily on structure

A large rubber washer was attached to one of the #8 bolts with a brass nut. The rubber washer and spinner were easily aligned on the aluminum and brass structure. Four rubber washers with a larger 7/16” ID were glued together with hot glue but the hot glue between the rubber layers proved ineffective. Glue was reapplied to the outside rim and to the large rubber washer. The completed cap was installed on the aluminum and brass structure above the compass spinner post. The compass spinner was installed. A rotating shot was taken to show the compass spinner continuously pointing one direction.

 Large washer mounted directly above spinner

Washer layered with hot glue
Discarded glue which would not stick to washers
Washers glued together

Assembled unit

To do: 
  • Test + Evaluate 
  • Redesign 
  • Rebuild 
  • Repeat
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