2014-08-15 (F) Arduino Powered Tattoo Machine Controller

Program changes were made to use the far left potentiometer as the time the coils will remain high and the potentiometer next to it will determine the amount of time the coils will remain low. The speed and duty cycle were calculated from the times read from the potentiometers.

speed = (1 / t((time1 + time2) / 1 000 000))

duty cycle = (1 / ((time1 + time2) / time 1))

The program was very effective since slow and fast speed were reached with a high amount of pull by the magnets on the armature bar. A video was made showing the adjustability of the 2-pot programming.

Testing machine using 2-pot programming

To understand the operation of the machine a chart was made to map the duty cycle and time spent on of the coils. The chart was not completed.

Chart for mapping speed and duty cycle

To do:

  • Finish chart
  • Evaluate results
  • Revise code
  • Debug code
  • Get a tattoo

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  1. Nice written! Didn't know it would be that easy to make one!


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