2014-08-17 (Su) Arduino Powered Tattoo Machine Controller

The previous days’ graphs were invalidated. Potentiometer sweeps were done with observation by magnetic implant and magnet-embedded ear plugs and gaps in the sweep evidenced programming errors were partially responsible for the unpredictable results. The most recent data indicated that the peak frequency is 110 punctures per second at 12VDC.

Standard disposable earplug with a magnet inside

 Earplug allows user to hear changing magnetic fields

The variables attainable by the machine were widened and higher speeds were reached with adjustment. It may be necessary to have two potentiometers per machine, one for frequency and another time ON or duty cycle. Modern tattoo machines have two adjustments already. The voltage is adjustable and the contact screw is adjustable. This would give added control over the tattoo machine’s action.

Spreadsheet data

Data graphed from spreadsheet

The suction cup dampener was reattached to the front binding post. Higher speeds were seen with this limiting device.

Reprogramming was done to use one potentiometer as a speed controller and the other to control the duty cycle. This programming approach yielded fewer problems than the first time it was attempted.

To do:
  • Chart speeds with dampener 
  • Revise code 
  • Retest with dashpot? 
  • Debug code 
  • Get tattoo

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