2014-08-23 (Sa) Electroluminescent Paint

Continuity readings of the three samples were taken but only the sample with the highest concentration of graphite powder was conductive at a readable level.
     Sample 1 - 1 powder : 2 paint - 36K2Ohms
     Sample 2 - 2 powder : 5 paint - >20MOhms
     Sample 1 - 1 powder : 3 paint - >20MOhms
A battery operated DC power supply with test leads was set to 3VDC and touched to each sample but no luminescence was seen. The same was done for 6VDC, 9VDC, and 12VDC. The leads were spaced closely but no light was seen. A second 12VDC power supply was used which was capable of supplying 3.35A but there was still no luminescence on any sample.

 No reading on sample 3

No reading on sample 2

36K2Ohm reading on sample 1

A small inverter for EL products was connected to 12VDC. The leads were taped to be kept a short distance apart reliably. No light could be seen from the samples but small sparks were seen on sample 1 which proves conductivity.

One animated picture instead of 12 still frames showing the DC tests

 Small inverter

Testing sample 3

Testing sample 2

Testing sample 1

Testing sample 1 with a very small gap

Testing the glow-in-the-dark-paint and graphite with 120VAC. 1 small spark

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