2014-08-24 (Su) Smart Pocket Watch

During a meeting of the Twin Cities Transhumanists the subject of making technology attractive as opposed to purely utilitarian came up. The example was a smart watch in pocket-watch format. One attendee was wearing a Pebble smart watch. The idea to create a smart pocket watch in Victorian style was hatched.

Two styles of cases were considered and the thicker of the two was purchased to accommodate an older smart watch being considered for the first prototype. The unselected style had a removable back to have things inserted. The chosen style was not intended for disassembly.

Two considered styles
Pressure was applied to the crystal to dislodge it but it was unsuccessful. A knife was used to pry off the back plate but it was unsuccessful. A hole was drilled in the back so a bolt could be used to pull the back away but it was unsuccessful. A tap was inserted partially to pull the back away but it was unsuccessful.

 Applying pressure to watch crystal

 Using a tap to pull on watch back

Pulling watch back while attached to drill
Mutilated watch back
Considerations for smart pocket watch:
  • The electronics must be clear of metal in order to communicate with Bluetooth. No metal back 
  • The watch screen must be accessible in order to control it 
  • Physical buttons must be able to be pushed
To do:
  • Order smart watch
  • Disassemble pocket watch

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