2014-08-27 (W) LEGO Virtual Reality Visor

The visor was broken into three sections; the lens plane, the base, and the phone support pieces. A simple rotating platform was constructed on a large flat pieces with a simple background all made from LEGOs. Each section of the visor was placed on the platform and photographed while rotating. The pieces were supported by yellow bricks were not meant to be part of the design but merely for display.

 Lens plane


Support pieces 

 Rotating lens plane

Rotating base

Rotating support pieces

LEGO bricks and plates were drafted according to sizes given on the internet. Only 2D views were drafted. Arrows describing assembly were also drafted specifically for this project. Assembly instructions for the support pieces was arranged. The support pieces were done first because they were the simplest so problems were quickly rectified.

Lego key and count

 Support pieces assembly diagram

Support pieces assembly diagram on black

Between rotating views and drafted assembly diagrams the instructions should be clear.

To do:
  • Finish drafted diagrams 
  • Create instructions

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