2014-08-29 (F) LEGO Virtual Reality Visor COMPLETED

I found one of my experiments on a Spanish website. Cool!

Enough background.

The CAD files were revised again to clarify an increase color contrast. Each was made into a 45" by 45" pdf then converted to png and cropped. The phone was set up on a tripod and SpaceTerrorVR was launched. 75 screenshots were taken as the phone was rotated about the vertical axis. The images were compiled into an animated gif and scaled to give viewers a 3D animation without software installation. A split screen 3d movie was found on YouTube for the same reason.

 Lego key and count

Eye piece diagram

Base module diagram

Support pieces diagram 

Rotating view of SpaceTerrorVR

A revolving shot was taken of the visor in use by setting up a video camera, lights, and a revolving office chair. The video was uploaded to YouTube and converted to gif by GifYouTube.com. The resulting image was cropped to illuminate unnecessary background and shortened to sooth the transition as it looped. The color was adjusted using an automatic color correction feature. All graphic work was done in GIMP.

Like a record

An Instructable was created with all the current images.


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