2014-08-30 (Sa) ESPeri.Impass

Disc magnets are typically magnetized from a flat surface to another flat surface which is called axially magnetized. If you held a typical disc magnet in your upturned hand the north or south pole would be resting on your palm while the other pole would be shooting straight away from your hand. This is merely the de facto but magnets which can be magnetized in any orientation. A diametrically magnetized magnet has its poles perpendicular to the typical orientation. If the same magnet in your hand was diametrically magnetized the north and south pole would be facing horizontally. In fact, if the magnet was strong enough and lying on a slippery surface it would point north like a compass. Not like a compass, it would be a compass.

 Axially magnetized. Typical

Diametrically magnetized

Enough background.

Parts were purchased for a new design. The core of this design was a tubular magnet, or a hollow cylinder, which was diametrically magnetized. The magnet measured
     OD = 0.250"     6.4mm
     ID  = 0.100"     2.5mm
     L.   = 0.250"     6.4mm


Magnet next to brass #2 wood screw

A #2 wood screw was purchased to act as the axel of the spinner. To hold the screw in place a hole punch was used on a label to get a small circle of self argive paper. The small disc of paper was applied to the end of a magnet and the wood screw was slowly passed through by using a screwdriver. A nylon flanged spacer was purchased to be the tube where the spinner rotates. The flanged spacer and spinner were set on a piece of label applied to a desk surface and the spacer was rotated in order to rotate the compass spinner which returned to the same orientation each time. A video was recorded of the compass spinner's behavior.

 Small disc of adhesive label

Stick paper applied to magnet

Screw coming through paper

Nylon spacer to hold compass spinner

Testing the compass spinner

To do: 
  • Create + Build feedback mechanism
  • Test + Evaluate 
  • Redesign 
  • Rebuild 
  • Repeat

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