2014-08-01 (F) Charged: DesertIrish

The other day my phone developed a crack which made the screen stop working. It's a bummer but it is insured so it'll be taken care of. In the mean time I am stuck with a loaner phone so don't expect anything more than fuzzy pictures. Not that it matters when I'm doing writing projects.

Enough background.

Dawson joins everyone on the dock after a restful nap. They are filling Shana in on what is happening with the sub. Head admits to Dawson he is not comfortable with Shana being brought into the group. Head is overheard by the group and there is a shouting match. Shana talks about unity then provides a demonstration of her powers, which she calls her Charge. This is the first time Charge is used as a noun to describe special abilities. Her power is nearly perfect vision and the ability to show other people a portion of what she shoes. Head concedes when Dawson says she will be invaluable at quality checking. In truth Head was afraid of her ability to expose him as Charged, against his will but mainly because he didn't feel Shana had earned her place with them.

Today’s word count:  51 121 - 50 000 = 1 121 words
Total word count: 83 897 + 51 121 = 135 018 words

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