2014-08-31 (Su) ESPeri.Impass

In school I was friends with Adam Rupp who is now in the band Home Free. They came back to Minnesota to play the state fair so saw them perform. The last performance I attended was at the auditorium in our old high school. They have become incredible. Adam recognized me immediately and hugged me over the signing table so he hasn't gotten too big for his britches.

Right before I got to the signing table

My signed cap

Enough background.

In order to make a compass spinner which can oscillated, highly elastic material was take from fishing lures. The lures provide durable spongy material at a low cost. The concept was to use the fishing lure material around the brass screw to keep the magnet in place but allow it to jostle so an impact could be felt when facing the desired direction. A paper hole punch was used on some of the fishing lure material to get a sample roughly the diameter of the magnet so the overlap would bot cincrease friction on the sides of the nylon spacer. Unforotunately the overlap was too great for the size of the spacer. The fishing lure material was trimmed down with scissor ro eliminate overlap. This created a working spinner again.

 Hole punch for taking a sample of fishing lure material

Fishing lure too big for the magnet

Trimmed down material

Two ideas for improvement and a feedback mechanism were sketched. The first was sketched on a dry erase board kept near the shower. The second was drafted on graph paper and color coded.

Simple design

More complex design with only the feedback mechanism "floating"

To do: 
  • Create + Build feedback mechanism
  • Test + Evaluate 
  • Redesign 
  • Rebuild 
  • Repeat

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