2014-09-03 (W) Smart Pocket Watch

The attempts to remove the back of the large faux pocket watch cleanly were unsuccessful. A rotary tool with a thin cut-off wheel was used to cut away the already damaged back. Three cutting wheels were consumed by the process. The rough cut edges were smoothed with a belt sander. A thin strip of metal in a groove on the back indicates the back was inserted in the groove and firmly held in place by tension alone. The front metal ring was removed by cutting a small notch and prying the ring away with a screwdriver. The ring was saved since it was relatively undamaged. The plastic lens was also salvaged but the decorative sticker was removed. The bulky center metal structure will likely not be used in the final production since it will block radio signal and add considerable weight. The idea of using a lens to showcase a sticker on the back may be implemented. A smart watch, Sony MN800, was ordered days ago.

 Using a bandsaw to cut the back of the watch

 Using a Dremel and a cut-off wheel

 Showing the wear taken by the cut-off wheels

 Sanding the back of the watch with a belt sander

 The clean back of the watch

Rotating view of the watch with no back

Prying the face of the watch bezel off

 Cleanly removed watch bezel

 Core, bezel, and lens separated

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