2014-09-06 (Sa) Finger Juggling Ring COMPLETED

I am a guy who fidgets. I twirl pens, small boxes, bottles, and cans just clap your hands. I have a pen with a strong magnet in one end and I do quick tricks with it. I used to have a ring I would play with endlessly and didn't hurt my dexterity attribute score either. In the movie The Prestige, Christian Bale's character does the ring roll so as a natural fidgeter I wanted to learn that too.

Clip from The Prestige

Enough background.

An inexpensive ring was purchased from a hobby store. The ring came with precut slits meant for bending jewelry chain links. For finger juggling or ring rolling the thickness of the ring was problematic. The polished texture of the ring edges also added difficulty. A metal-cutting band saw was used to to cut through the ring using the slits as guides to start. One third of the ring was cut away. The rough edges were smoothed on a belt sander. The ring was made from two metals and possibly a third metal for coating. The inside had a silvery metal, maybe nickel, and the other was copper colored. The inside edges were smoothed with a circular rasp. The first attempt used the rasp in a handle. The second, and more effective, method was to put the rasp into a drill press chuck and run it at low speed. An animated gif was made which shows the ring being rolled.

 Ring as it came from the store

Ring being cut on a band saw

One third of the ring cut away

Sanding the rough edge of the ring on a belt sander

 Sanding the outside of the ring quickly and effectively

Filing the inside of the ring with a circular rasp

Filing the inside of the ring with the help of a drill press

Me jugging, or rolling, the ring

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