2014-09-07 (Su) Charged: DesertIrish

A new file was started in order to keep any single file from becoming too large. It was halted at 60 228 words according to Pages. The new file started a new chapter immediately after the last chapter. The third file will be made available online like the first two.

The group of Charged entered the dock and saw that everything had been taken or disarrayed. Before much could be assessed a tow truck driver arrived with the wrecked Jeep and titles to all five of the cars purchased from the junk yard. Everyone reaffirmed they wanted to stop the stolen flight core from being used.

To do:
  • Revise to show how Shana knew Motor and Heather were a new couple
Total word count: 849 + 60 228 + 83 897 = 144 974 words

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