2014-09-10 (W) Smart Pocket Watch

The Sony MN800 LiveView arrived by USPS. The box was in poor condition and appeared to be a reconditioned or returned item. The unit and accessories were in acceptable condition. Two faux pocket watches had been purchased. The crystal of one was removed by pushing from the back. The crystal was brittle plastic and shattered messily and even broke the skin. To modify the frame to accept the watch notches needed to be cut from the watch with the crystal intact. A white PSA label was stuck on. The excess label was trimmed away and the notch positions were clearly marked on the label. The notches were cut away using a cut-off wheel in a rotary tool. The heat from the cutting caused the thermal label to change color and the crystal fell out but remained intact. The notches were smoothed with a narrow grinding wheel which quickly fouled but sufficiently smoothed the notches. The two watch faces fit together but made a large gap along the side.

 Broken plastic and broken skin

Faux pocket watch covered with label

Notches marked on faux pocket watch

Cutting notches out

 Smart watch resting in notch holes

Faux pocket watches enclosing smart watch

To do:
  • Trim tops of watches
  • Find suitable background
  • Insulate top watch
  • Fill around watch
  • Build buttons
  • Install buttons
  • Make is possible to disassemble unit at will

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