2014-09-18 (Th) ESPeri.Impass

Hollow leather punches were purchased for making tiny neoprene washers and modifying them. A 1/4" punch was selected first and a 1/4" hole was made in a neoprene washer which had already been used for material with the paper hole punch. The 1/4" disc was not a clean cut but it was slightly larger than the disc taken using the paper hole punch so it didn't fit inside the flanged spacer loosely. The process was repeated with a 7/32" leather punch which produced a disc slightly smaller than the disc made with the paper hole punch. The 7/32" and paper hole punch disc were punched in the center with a 1/8" hole punch to make them into neoprene washers. The hollowed out paper hole punch disc had a section cut away with the 1/8" hole punch to look like a partial moon with a hole in the center.

 1/4" punch on a neoprene washer

Paper hole punch disc next to the 1/4" disc

Paper hole punch disc next to 7/32" disc

Slight differences between hole sizes

Hollowed out neoprene disc. Neoprene washers

Modified washer

To do:
  • Add small bit of metal to gap of washer
  • Reduce 1/4" inertial mass tip
  • Wrap longer spring with fine brass wire
  • Test + Evaluate longer spring design
  • Test + Evaluate tubular compass
  • Redesign, Rebuild, + Repeat

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