2014-09-20 (Sa) Rotational Photography Rig COMPLETED

A handkerchief, neoprene spacer, safety pin, and small magnets were selected to correct the problems with the rig. Two small magnets 3.125mm x 1.5mm were hot glued to opposite ends of the neoprene spacer. The spacer was hot glued to the gear of the gear motor. Hot glue was used because the hole in the spacer was not snug on the gear so significant space had to be filled.

 Parts chosen to upgrade rig

 Magnets glued to neoprene spacer

Spacer glued to gear motor

The safety pin was put through the handkerchief after it had been folding in half three times. The rubber bad was put into the safety pin as well. More glue was necessary to hold the neoprene spacer to the gear and small wires were put under it while it cooled so it would not rub on the gear box during operation.

 Handkerchief, safety pin, and rubber band

Glued neoprene spacer cooling on gear motor

The rubber band was replaced by a smaller one. The rotating platform was put on top of the handkerchief and pulled so that the neoprene washer was held snuggly against the edge of the rotating platform. The remote was placed over the magnets. A series of test images were taken and compiled into an animated picture.

 Rubber band around motor

Shorter rubber band holding motor against rotating platform

Remote held above magnets

Automated rotational picture of safety glasses

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