2014-09-25 (Th) Smart Pocket Watch

If you glance at the handwritten journals you may notice a few things. The first thing is that I have atrocious handwriting. The second is that I misspell words from time to time because I rush through the handwritten journal to get here. The third thing is more recent, I have been posting journals out of order. This is not an attempt to cheat you but instead an attempt to give a little more continuity to the posts from day to day. I hope you enjoy.

Enough background.

Adhesive copper foil tape was purchased from a stained glass supply store. A 45mm length was cut and a small piece of foam double-sided tape was placed on the sticky side 15mm from one end. The selected end was folder over so the tape was covered and some of the foil tape stuck to itself. The remaining adhesive was wrapped around the bottom of the painted plastic ring.

 1/4" (8mm) copper foil tape

45mm of copper foil tape with a segment of foam tape applied 15mm from one end

Copper foil wrapped over double sided tape

Foil tape was wrapped so it finished on the inside of the loop

The point of the foil tape was to provide a way to reach the sides of the watch which were touch sensitive. As long as this was a capacitive touch switch it would work to place a conductor on the screen and route it elsewhere.

To do:

  • Install the rest of the copper tape
  • Test remote switches
  • Install latch on watch clamshell

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