2014-09-24 (W) Smart Pocket Watch

The lens taken from the scrapped pocket was was measured. The diameter of the lens was 1 9/16 inches (~1.6 inches) (40.5mm). A photograph of a gear box was modified with the fisheye distortion in GIMP and printed at a diameter of 1.6 inches. The print was cut out and placed inside the pocket watches opposite the watch face.

 Measurement of lens

Printout of gear graphic

Gear graphic placed in watch

The lens was glued in place with super glue and allowed to dry. Some clouding of the lens was observed near the glue. Better ventilation would have reduced this effect. Two rotating images were made using the Rotating Photography Rig. One picture was made with a white background and the other was made a black background. The watch was suspected on a free standing hook structure made from pliable galvanized steel wire. The image was cropped and animated with GIMP.

Lense being glued to faux pocket watch

White background rotational photograph

Black background rotational photograph

Gear photograph distorted with fisheye effect

To do:

  • Install latching mechanism
  • Install copper tape

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