2014-09-26 (F) Smart Pocket Watch

The screen presses were unreliable so several methods were tried to make contact. Fumbling and experimentation showed that the very edge was the ideal place to touch. The corner where the screen and chassis meet may be some kind of conductivity gap. The foil currently on the plastic ring was bent over the edge and some reaction was seen but only when significant pressure was applied directly above the edge. Similar unreliable results were seen when pushing the foil down with a dielectric (high polymer eraser) and touching the copper.

Holding the foil against the smart watch

Holding the foil down with an eraser

Slices of the eraser were taken with different thicknesses to try to push the foil into place from the inside. Different shapes were experimented with. A spare crystal was held over the smart watch while eraser slices held the crystal away from the surface of the smart watch. Part of the unresponsiveness of the foil may be due to pressure on the smart watch's crystal when inside the clamshell. The smart watch has a convex crystal.

 Slices of erasers with poor brightness control

Different shapes of eraser slices which were experimented with

Testing the copper while a crystal was held above the smart watch crystal

Eraser slice inside the clamshell

To do:

  • Devise reliable screen interaction method
  • Install reliable screen interaction method
  • Install latch on watch clamshell

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