2014-10-04 (Sa) tDCS Unit

The leads from the 3.5mm phone socket were desoldered and soldered back correctly. The wires were shrink-tubed and the socket was further sealed in a larger piece of shrink tube. After searching through stocked parts an inline 3.5mm socket was found and soldered in place of the makeshift socket.

 Correct polarity

Shrink-tubed 3.5mm socket

Proper inline socket

Two pieces of 16gauge steel galvanized wire were cut into 40mm (1.57") each. Two pieces of shrink tube were cut to at least 25mm (1"). The pieces of wire were filed to smooth the ends. Segments of the tip were also roughed ups with the file in order to accept solder. Red and black wires were soldered to the metal wire where they had been filed. The segments of wire were covered in shrink tube 3.175mm (1/8") in diameter and shrunk. The other ends of the wires were soldered to a 3.5mm phone jack and the wires were shrink-tubed together and secured under the crimp built into the jack. This made for a complete electrode wire set.

 Wire and shrink tube

Smooth ended wire segments

Wire soldered to different wire

3.5mm jack. Red wire soldered to tip. Black wire soldered to sleeve

2mm electrode set with 16gauge wire set

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