2014-10-07 (Tu) tDCS Unit

Research into electrodes showed that carbon rubber electrodes were not intended to be used in direct contact with skin. A foam covering was supposed to be saturated with salt water to act as an intermediately between the skin and electrode.

Felt was cut into rectangles large enough to enclose the electrodes and hand-sewn shut with blue thread. The covered electrodes were sprayed with salt water and held to the head and arm. The arm electrode was positioned higher than the first test. The head electrode was comfortable but the arm electrode still exhibited a pinching sensation. Only a few minutes of testing was done to test for an immediate change in feeling but none was apparent

 Felt rectangles cut for electrodes

Electrodes inside felt enclosures

Covered electrodes hooked up to amperage source

To do:
  • Test on someone else who has used a tDCS unit before
  • Wrap electrodes in foam

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