2014-10-09 (Th) Adjustable tDCS

Stocked parts were gathered to construct an adjustable milliamp current supply. A resistor, 50 Ohm potentiometer, and female phone socket were purchased for the trial circuit. An LM334Z was ordered. The trial circuit was not meant to have all the features of of the full build. There was no built-in milliammeter and the current regulator was adjusted by a hex wrench inside the enclosure. The circuit was built without the LM334Z which had not arrived. An indicator LED and resistors were added to the circuit on a whim.

 Parts gathered from stocked components

Components soldered according to schematic

Three 1/4" (6.25mm) holes were drilled into the side of an Altoids tin for mourning components. A toggle switch, LED, and 1/8" (3.5mm) phone socket were mounted to the side. The other components were kept loose inside the enclosure since the LM334Z was not stocked. A hex key was included with the project to adjust the potentiometer. A revolving picture was taken with the Rotational Photography Rig.

 Holes drilled in Altoids tin

Components mounted in tin

Spinning tin

The schematic was updated to show the LM334Z current regulator as a top-down representation of a T0-92 case with labeled pins.

Updated schematic

To do:
  • Create part list with links
  • Add LED and resistor to part list
  • Add LED and resistor to schematic
  • Add electrode wires and electrodes to part list
  • Collaborate with twin-cities-transhumanists
  • Install LM334Z
  • Test and verify for safety

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