2014-10-17 (F) tDCS Unit

The list of tools and supplies was taken to stores where discounted parts could likely be found. Three different places were visited including a surplus store, dollar store, and craft store. The purchased tools and parts were gathered and photographed. The parts were still missing the Mouser order. Prices from shopping were recorded and entered into a project notebook at twin-cities-transhumanists.org to keep others up to date and show pricing. The available photographs were cropped and color corrected with GIMP then inserted into the instruction document.

 Photograph of tools

Photograph of components

 Edited photograph of components

Edited photograph of tools

Expansion modules were a possible upgrade for the future which would allow people to build add-ons which plug into the tDCS unit and expand capalitlies. Fourmodules came to mind. An adjustable module for currents below 2mA, a milliammater usable during treatments, a momentary switch which only applies current while the user is consciously press the button, and a timer. The adjustable style unit would be the circuit already into in Adjustable tDCS and the milliammeter was built in that project with an oversized enclosure. A momentary switch was nothing more than a Normally Open switch built into a handle. The timer would have to be purely mechanical or powered externally and routed through relay. Some appropriate timers were researched on shopping sites.

To do:
  • Take pictures for manual
  • Insert pictures into manual
  • Use test subject to assemble from instructions
  • Revise manual
  • Host workshop

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