2014-10-23 (Th) Left Index Finger m31 Biohacker Magnet Implant COMPLETED

Guess who passed out again. That's right. As you may have guessed by the title I had another magnet implanted into my left hand to further explore the magnet fields in my world. Some people have reported a better sensation of field shape when more than a single magnet is implanted. It makes sense (pun intended). Imagine trying to feel a bowling ball with a single finger. You can rub it over the surface and figure out roughly how big it is but if you put all your fingers on it at once you can instantly realize its size and shape. Maybe 14 magnets would allow a person to sense magnet fields the way we feel an apple but the law of diminishing returns would probably make it a very impractical list of procedures. Among other problems.

This magnet is significantly thinner than the silicone coated magnet and I requested that it be placed nearly vertical on the middle finger side of the index finger. Here it should avoid any jarring which may occur from being directly under the finger pad.

Now, on to the part where I pass out.

To prepare for this I ate plenty of food beforehand and for 30 minutes right before the procedure I chowed down on sugary foods. When I actually sat down for the procedure I was handed two glucose tablets and I ate them both. I should have been a rock, a slightly jittery rock.

My body jumped the gun this time and before the scalpel did any real cutting I had passed out in the chair and the artist caught me. I woke after having a quick fever dream I can't remember and I was covered in sweat. Keep in mind, nothing had actually happened yet.

Within a couple minutes my wits were fully restored and I indicated I was ready for the rest of the procedure. I felt just fine and this time I actually held a conversation while the artist did his work. While he was stitching me I felt my consciousness pulling back and my vision darkening. I said something and the artist sat next to me but I came back on my own.

The first time I had this done I fell over like a sack of potatoes on stilts and busted my face. When I got an NFC implant by the same artist I passed out after it was injected but I was sitting and there was no issue. This time I was seated again and I knew enough to mention I was getting light headed. The trend seems to be that I pass out earlier and we are better prepared. This may make me the only squeamish, catholic grinder.

Lots more information about transhumanism can be found at http://twin-cities-transhumanists.org
A popular forum for people interested in body mods to further their abilities can be found at http://discuss.biohack.me

Enough background.

A trip to the St Cloud parlor of Wingnut Tattoo & Body Piercing to meet with Shane who performed the procedure on 2014-04-13 (Su) into the left ring finger. The first magnet was a silicone coated magnet designed by Steve Haworth. The magnet used in this procedure was sold by Dangerous Things and features a titanium nitride coating.

Incision and Dangerous Things sticker

Close up of the incision and two stitches

Left ring ringer and bulge formed by magnet next to right hand with an ugly blister 

Swollen index finger next to regular right index finger

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