2014-11-15 (F) Sinister Laser Tag Repeater

The sinister laser tag repeater is a device meant to amplify and redistribute the IR signal of a laser tag gun through electronic components. The IR signal is received from the user's tagger and amplified by a commercially available remote extender. The remote extender feeds multiple IR emitters arranged on the user to maximize a coverage field. When the user shoots the receiver anyone in the coverage field should register a hit as though hit by the user's tagger. The amplification of the tagger signal means that no processing or storage is necessary for the repeater. Even an RF connected game should not be able to differentiate between the original tagger signal and the amplified signal.

A schematic was drafted which showed the concept of modifying an IR repeater to use multiple emitters and a single receiver. The schematic focused on available parts and used part sketches rather than schematic symbols.

Schematic of sinister laser tag repeater

To do:
  • Modify repeater
  • Add diodes to baseball cap
  • Test

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