2014-11-23 (Su) Arduino Laser Tag

Most of the evening was actually spent trying to make a 3D model of the laser tag cheater hat.

Enough background

Materials for two more vests were purchased from a local military surplus store. A green pistol harness was purchased but showed more signs of wear than the first black one. The second vest was a new vest cover and tactical belt had a rugged feel but was more than four times as expensive. The vests were assembled.

Second inexpensive vest

Tactical vest cover and tactical belt

Each vest was photographed from from and back then the pictures were combined into a single image and the price was added. Another opinion will be gotten from Joe Robertson but he will likely own his personal set so he can choose his own hardware.

Y-Style suspenders with thrift store belt
Tactical vest cover and tactical belt

To do:
  • Draft schematics
  • Break down tasks into more detail
  • Build vest mounts
  • Build another tagger with a long gray barrel
  • Make instructions for all parts

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2014-11-21 (F)


  1. I don't understand do you have grenades or mines in your MilSim laser tag?
    Somth like this http://lasertagoutdoor.com/index.php/equipment-shop/laser-tag-equipment-for-sale-usa/devices/lasertaggrenade-detail

    1. No grenades or mines but all the code can be downloaded so it would be possible to create that sort of thing with effort.
      Also, I have started a new laser tag attempt in February 2017.


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