2015-01-05 (M) Color/Touch Sensory Panel

A heavy-duty stapler and staples were purchased to mount the lights by fastening the wires leading to the lights. The staples were not meant for mounting in fiberboard and would deform without making it into the wood. Spongy double-sided tape was placed where the LEDS were to be positioned but the tape was not strong enough to hold the lights given the excess wire which pulled the lights in unwanted directions.

 Heavy-duty stapler

Double-sided tape

Hot glue proved to have sufficient holding power and set quick enough to adhere all the lights in the same night. The excess wires were problematic and needed to be controlled. The wire going from light07 and light08 were on opposite ends of the enclosure and the wire between them was too short. A longer wire was soldered in place with the first half the of the LEDs already glued in place.

 Messy wires and hot glued lights

Preparing to solder a longer wire between light07 and light08

To do:
  1. Program Arduino
    1. Write digital output code for one or two sounds
    2. Immediately play sound at new mode if appropriate
  2. Install polycarbonate and light diffuser sheets
  3. Put code online
  4. Draft schematics 
  5. Create instructions for project

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