2015-01-12 (Sa) Color/Touch Sensory Panel

Schematics for the current version of the Color/Touch, which excluded two of the debugging potentiometers installed on the board, were drawn. The schematics showed 5V connections for a sound module like the ISD1820Py breakout sound module. If the board cannot handle 6V a regulator and interface board will be necessary. The IR socket is also shown. The IR socket, potentiometer, and sound module are all options which have not been programmed for.

Pencil drawing of schematic

The schematic was based on the actual pin out of an Arduino Pro Mini but is embellished so not a true pin-for-pin representation and should not be used as such. The schematics were sketched and corrected with pencil and eraser. The final drawing was done free-hand with colored pens and a highlighter.

Colored pen drawing of schematic

To do:
  1. Program Arduino
    1. Write digital output code for one or two sounds
    2. Immediately play sound at new mode if appropriate
  2. Put code online
  3. Draft schematics
  4. Create instructions for project

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