2015-02-27 (F) Weekly Summary

The ESPeri.Impass disc shaped designs were finally satisfactory. The fist design was one which relied on a spinner with posts which would rest on the enclosure. The second design put the posts, or spikes, on the inside of the enclosure. Both of these were modeled in OpenSCAD.

Internal view of the divot spinner holder

Internal view of the spike spinner holder

A new project was introduced. This was an abandoned project which was restarted after being largely reworked. The first design relied on high quality prisms to split the view of a camera and retain image quality. This new design uses inexpensive acrylic prisms which are placed directly on a split screen with two camera views. The advantage of this design is that the prisms do not need good image fidelity since they are not transmitting any distance.

The video device chosen was a dashcam which used two cameras and could display the images side by side. The cameras were about the same distance apart as human eyes. Both cameras use identical lenses whereas some dashcams with two cameras have one side with a telescopic lens and the other without.

 Disassembled dashcam

The way the camera attached to a mount was not a standard 1/4-20 camera mount nor was an adapter provided. It was decided to build one using the 3D printer. This adapter could easily be made by buying and cutting a block of plastic or layering sheets of plastic or wood. The basic shape and dimensions were drawn by hand. After thinking on the design it was revised to split the design into three distinct parts. This was also sketched them modeled with OpenSCAD. The parts were not finalized.

 First design of adapter

Refined design of adapter with multiple pieces

Model of multiple pieces

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