2015-03-12 (Th) 3D Printed Automatic Tea Maker

The code was drafted from the pseudocode. The functions were almost directly transcribed from paper to the Arduino IDE. A function was also added which takes a time, in seconds, and converts it to a string in the form "M:SS" since there will only a single digit in the minute field. Care was taken to display 0 seconds with two zeros "00" since printing a single zero on the screen would allow the previous digit occupying the tens spot to remain as an undesirable remnant. Since this function will also process the countUp timer it will have to be modified to show a leading zero anytime the seconds are below ten.

Functions in Arduino IDE

The body of the code was written. Libraries for the servo and LCD display were imported through the example code included with the Arduino IDE download. The majority of the work will take place in the functions so much of the code on the main page was declaring variables, start up routines, and making provisions for the libraries.

Code body in Arduino IDE 

To do:
  • Write To Do list
  • Correct time display function to display a single leading zero when below ten seconds.
  • Print 3D parts
  • Correct 3D models
  • Reprint 3D models
  • Download and test code
  • Debug code
  • Make code public
  • Design enclosure for screen, potentiometer, power, and buttons
  • Print enclosure
  • Draw schematic
  • Write pseudo code for code body
  • Write pseudo code for custom functions
  • Write pseudo code for setup
  • Make notes for special Arduino functions
  • Draft code
  • Build breadboard circuit
  • Compile and test

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