20140413 (Su) Implanted Finger Magnet COMPLETED

You know that feeling when you take a bath and you prepare to lean your back against the cold tub. It won't hurt you and it will only last a second but it still isn't any fun. 

Getting a piercing is kind of like that except the tub gives you a warning then comes to meet your back. You don't have to force yourself to lean into it, you just let the cold tub do its work. Once those nerves realize they aren't in danger you can relax and enjoy a book or write a blog. I have a water resistant phone so I am doing the latter.

On Sunday I got a magnet installed in my left ring finger. It is a neodymium magnet with a standard nickel alloy shell and coated in implant grade silicone.  The purpose is to gain the ability to directly sense magnetic fields. The magnet reacts to other magnets and active electrical equipment which causes the magnet to shift or vibrate creating a new sense.

Humans have upwards of twenty senses but to be able to pick a new one is pretty amazing. I was immediately interested in the sense since I work with electricity on a a lot of different levels. At work I regularly open panels with 480VAC inside.

The installation went smoothly and my biggest worry was being too chatty with the piercing artist. After I was stitched up I was cleaning the sutures in the sink and I felt lightheaded. In the mirror I could see I was white as a sheet.

When I got to the waiting room couch the shop owner was holding my face and the piercing artist was telling me that I took a pretty nasty spill. Between the bathroom and couch I had apparently passed out. My girlfriend saw me bend down like I was going to tie my shoes then crumple and hit my face in the tile floor with a crack.

The piercing artist said I could go to a hospital or he could put more stitches. I waited until I was good to walk and everyone helped me back to the old dentist chair where I got five more stitches from him.

To give comparison; a cold bath tub to the back is worse than getting a single stitch in an adrenaline-numb face. I didn't have to do anything like see my cut, I just let a professional do his work.

Enough background.

Planning started a month ago to contact a piercing artist willing to install a Nd magnet under the skin of the left ring finger.  A the forums of bodyartforms.com a user mentioned the artist who implanted her magnet in St Cloud Minnesota.  Shane at Wingnut tattoo & Body Piercing ordered a Steve Haworth magnet and agreed to install it for $200.

The magnet was installed successfully.
  Stitches in my finger

A blackout occurred after the procedure and five stitches were used to close a facial injury sustained against a tile floor.

Implanted Finger Magnet
20130413 (Su)

To do:
  • Heal 
  • Remove stitches.  Finger 7days 20140420 (Su).  Face 10days 20140423 (W)
 Facial stitches in the bath tub
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