2024-06-21 (F) Weekly Summary

2024-06-20 (Th) GrinderCompassMKIII REV6 interior and exterior remodeling

2024-06-19 (W) GrinderCompassMKIII REV5 Internal cage

2024-06-18 (Tu) GrinderCompassMKIII REV4 cages

2024-06-17 (M) GrinderCompassMKIII REV3 cages

2024-06-16 (Su) GrinderCompassMKIII REV2 cages

2024-06-15 (Sa) GrinderCompassMKIII Assembling cages

2024-06-14 (F) Weekly Summary

2024-06-13 (Th) GrinderCompassMKIII External cage model

2024-06-12 (W) GrinderCompassMKIII Internal cage model

2024-06-11 (Tu) GrinderCompassMKIII Cage concept sketch

2024-06-10 (M) GrinderCompassMKIII Enclosure refinement

2024-06-09 (Su) GrinderCompassMKIII Color change

2024-06-08 (Sa) GrinderCompassMKIII Assembled

2024-06-07 (F) Weekly Summary

2024-06-06 (Th) GrinderCompassMKIII Designing tweezers

2024-06-05 (W) GrinderCompassMKIII Trying to install a magnet