2023-04-29 (Sa) PhoneRobot Programming and touch emulator testing

2023-04-28 (F) Weekly Summary

2023-04-27 (Th) PhoneRobot Additional hardware

2023-04-26 (W) PhoneRobot Decoding automatic tapping mechanism

2023-04-25 (Tu) PhoneRobot Programming start

2023-04-24 (M) PhoneRobot Soldered operators

2023-04-23 (Su) PhoneRobot Assembly

2023-04-22 (Sa) PhoneRobot Design

2023-04-21 (F) Weekly Summary

2023-04-20 (Th) Precision Screwdriver Case COMPLETE

2023-04-19 (W) Grindfest2023 Light-up badge

2023-04-18 (Tu) Grindfest2023 More badges and painting methods

2023-04-17 (M) Grindfest2023 More badge designs

2023-04-16 (Su) Grindfest2023 Badge graphics

2023-04-15 (Sa) Grindfest2023 Badge layout and test engravings

2023-04-14 (F) Weekly Summary

2023-04-13 (Th) GrinderCompass Files uploaded

2023-04-12 (W) GrinderCompass Prototype FINISHED

2023-04-11 (Tu) GrinderCompass Improved feedback