2023-04-19 (W) Grindfest2023 Light-up badge

Everyone in the badge discussion loved the idea of a light-up badge. I thought about the best way to do this with minimal parts. Thanks to the GrinderCompass project, the cheapest method was to cut springs into the badge and wedge a battery in place with metallic tape on either side. I designed three and cut them in scrap wood to test how well they behaved.
Experimental spring designs

I only needed a little springy material since I could cut the wood precisely and did not have a lot of space to waste, so I went with the shortest and stiffest design. I installed aluminum tape and a blue LED into the first example and got light. For the second, I placed stiff springs on either side to pin the battery on both sides. I added tape and a green LED. The lights are inconsistent, despite how the picture looks, due to awful connections at the LED leads.
Two prototypes

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