First Time Here? Welcome!

On January 1st, 2011 I grabbed a yellow spiral bound notebook and wrote the words, "This is not a new-years resolution." After that exact day I have been journaling while I build, write and design whether it was carpentry in my old garage, plastic work at a hack space, or adding to a story. Every day. I mean I do something every day then write about it so I don't forget.

I didn't tell anyone in 2011 because it wasn't about them. It was about me holding myself accountable. It wasn't until 2014-03-10 that I started to blog as well. Before that I did some videos which can be seen on YouTube in Year 00.

This is a maker blog. What I make is sometimes original. Sometime I copy an existing design to make improvements or to understand it better. I don't finish everything I start but I do confess when I screw up. When a project wraps up I make a COMPLETED post and add it to my portfolio.
From time to time I get mentioned in Press STUFF too.

Everything I do here is because I would do it anyway. If you want to help out send me an email and tell me what you like or give some constructive criticism. To date I have responded to every non-spam message I have received.

In meatspace, I am a controls engineer. Don't expect to see a lot about my personal life in this blog. Do expect me to shift tense often and use sentence fragments generously.

This is what I look like