2022-03-27 (Su) Hackaday Summary

2022-03-22 (Tu) I'm moving soon

2022-03-21 (M) RemoteFinishLine Most of the serial commands

2022-03-20 (Su) RemoteFinishLine

2022-03-19 (Sa) RemoteFinishLine Character recognition

2022-03-18 (F) Weekly Summary

2022-03-17 (Th) RemoteFinishLine Bluetooth is easier than I thought

2022-03-16 (W) RemoteFinishLine Bluetooth modules connected

2022-03-15 (Tu) RemoteFinishLine Bluetooth plugged in

2022-03-14 (M) RemoteFinishLine Bluetooth connection pseudo-code

2022-03-13 (Su) RemoteFinishLine Bluetooth connection

2022-03-12 (Sa) RemoteFinishLine Unusable Bluetooth modules

2022-03-11 (F) Weekly Summary

2022-03-10 (Th) PrandomBeats KIT files

2022-03-09 (W) PrandomBeats Drum machine for sound files

2022-03-08 (Tu) RemoteFinishLine Laser upgrades in the code

2022-03-07 (M) RemoteFinishLine Lasers and reflectors

2022-03-06 (Su) RemoteFinishLine Laser sensor

2022-03-05 (Sa) RemoteFinishLine More real-world testing

2022-03-04 (F) Weekly Summary

2022-03-03 (Th) RemoteFinishLine Second unit soldered