2024-01-30 (Tu) Gravy Shock Cutting rubber stamps

2024-01-29 (M) Gravy Shock Designing rubber stamps

2024-01-28 (Su) Granica Card icon generation

2024-01-27 (Sa) Gravy Shock Card game meteoriod images

2024-01-26 (F) Weekly Summary

2024-01-25 (Th) Gravy Shock Card game borders 2

2024-01-24 (W) Gravy Shock Card first game border

2024-01-23 (Tu) Gravy Shock Rules draft

2024-01-22 (M) Gravy Shock Card Game First round of images

2024-01-21 (Su) Gravy Shock Card game

2024-01-20 (?) AugLim RADARBadge Final PCB motor failed

2024-01-19 (F) Weekly Summary

2024-01-18 (Th) AugLim RADARBadge Coil wiring

2024-01-17 (W) AugLim RADARBadge Electrical connections

2024-01-16 (Tu) AugLim RADARBadge Second layer and cleaning

2024-01-15 (M) AugLim RADARBadge First successful milling

2024-01-14 (Su) AugLim RADARBadge Broken bit

2024-01-13 (Sa) AugLim RADARBadge Cutting revised coil