2024-01-06 (Sa) AugLim RADARBadge Hex-circular coils

I plan to add a hole in the center of my prototype boards to fasten them while soldering. Unlike the PCB motors in Carl Bugeja's videos, this design does not need an axle, bearing, or any hole in the middle. If possible, I will refrain from drilling it. I watched a video on cutting circuit boards, and the creator suggested scoring the board and snapping it. I added a couple of parallel line segments on either side of the mirror line so I could drag a scoring edge between them.

I revisited my curved rhombus design since it formed the most complete circle. The problem with the first iteration was that I destroyed the outer curves when linking up the spiral, so this time, I modified the hubward tracks. The result was a coil-dense circle with all my connections near the middle, which should be great for testing.
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