2024-01-04 (Th) AugLim RADARBadge Printable coil designs

According to the tutorials I watched, the goal is to have approximately 20 ohms on each coil, so I modified the design in several ways. The first mod was reducing the turns, and enlarging the traces. The second was shrunken, and the last two were between them. I added the line width to the center of each arrangement.
Potentially good coils

I considered how to connect all my coils to an Electronic Speed Controller (ESC), and I saw that my vias were not aligned. I moved the rimward one counterclockwise and added another in the mirror location without a connection. The hole at the center of each coil was centered, so it should join with the second board and keep the winding aligned. I mirrored each stator and printed two copies of each.
Array ready for the printer

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