2024-01-08 (M) AugLim RADARBadge Etching first stator

I poured ferric chloride acid into a plastic container, submerged the treated copper plate, and gently swirled it for 40 minutes. It would have taken less time, but I used minimal acid. One issue I noticed was that the center accumulated clouds of dissolved copper while the edges got the cleaner solution. A larger self-agitating vat could be worth the time.
Ferric acid bath

The results were disappointing. I saw flecks of undissolved copper, which created shorts in some places, and some gaps ran in streaks. I suspect the issues were entirely my fault. I transported the board in a bag containing oil traces, and I probably scratched the etch-resist away to create those fractures.
Flecks and breaks

According to the videos I watched, a complete coil should read 20 Ohms. For that kind of reading, I would measure across at least two layers of spirals, and since I was measuring one, I hoped for ten Ohms. Unfortunately, I saw approximately 1 Ohm, so the design is flawed, the measurement is wrong, my traces are too thick, or some other problem.
Disappointing resistance reading

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