2024-01-07 (Su) AugLim RADARBadge Failed board processing

I saw an exciting technique for creating circuit boards. The gist is to buy pre-sensitized boards, place a mirror image of the circuit on the board, saturate the paper with baby oil to make it transparent, and expose it to UV light. The procedure seemed easy enough, and these PCB motors, which I would like to be able to process quickly, seemed like an excellent chance to test.

I cut a section of copper board, soaked a motor coil print with olive oil, and placed it in front of a UV flashlight for fifteen minutes. Judging by the paper's appearance, I should have soaked it in oil longer and pushed out the air bubbles.
UV exposure

I bought some lye-based (the main ingredient is sodium hydroxide) drain cleaner from the hardware store to develop the etch-resist layer. I had mixed results. I could see the green lines in the motor pattern, but they were too thin and overexposed on one side, and the opposite corner was underexposed. My first attempt failed, but it was enough to know that my olive oil worked all right, the traces should be thicker, and I needed better UV light dispersion.
Faint lines and dark edges

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