2024-01-15 (M) AugLim RADARBadge First successful milling

New bits and copper-clad boards arrived. The bits were 3/32" in diameter and stubby, making them ideal for cutting circuits. The new panels were large enough for a complete motor. The first coil I cut produced traces that were too thin and the edges were extremely ragged. I scaled up the motor to widen the traces and increased the spindle speed. The cutting was not deep enough to remove copper in one area, so I doubled the depth from 0.25mm to 0.50mm.

The second attempt looked better, although the cuts were still ragged, and I let the program run for all three coils. The bit was too shallow in some areas, but I caused the problem when I clamped the boards in the corners causing the top one to bow upward in the center.
Depth and cut test

I swapped out the small copper board for a large one that would fit a complete motor, added the lines for six coils, and ran the G-code. Everything cut as I hoped, but I spent as much time as the cutting to clear off the burrs. My touch-ups did not get all the copper dislodged, but it was clean compared to fresh off the machine. I measured the resistance of a coil, and it was less than 2Ω. The resistance is much too low. I plan to cut a mirror image for the second layer, but I should run some cutting tests to find the best spindle speed for my bit.
Traces are still ragged

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