2023-12-30 (Sa) EWC_Cyberdeck Failed voltage regulator

2023-12-29 (F) Weekly Summary

2023-12-28 (Th) EWC_Cyberdeck PC regulator testing

2023-12-27 (W) EWC_Cyberdeck Screen operational

2023-12-26 (Tu) EWC_Cyberdeck Battery and USB

2023-12-25 (M) EWC_Cyberdeck Structural and computer installation

2023-12-24 (Su) CNCMachine Cutting

2023-12-23 (Sa) CNCMachine Setup

2023-12-22 (F) Weekly Summary

2023-12-21 (Th) EWC_Cyberdeck Back panel

2023-12-20 (W) EWC_Cyberdeck Bottom panel and keyboard

2023-12-19 (Tu) EWC_Cyberdeck Cutting and painting side panels

2023-12-18 (M) EWC_Cyberdeck Side panel drawing

2023-12-17 (Su) EWC_Cyberdeck Faceplate mounting

2023-12-16 (Sa) EWC_Cyberdeck Base plate

2023-12-15 (F) Weekly Summary

2023-12-14 (Th) Keyboardolier Repair

2023-12-13 (W) UV Light Oven COMPLETED