2023-12-13 (W) UV Light Oven COMPLETED

Years ago, I bought a printer on Black Friday, and I used it for years before selling it. This year, I purchased a resin printer. The setup time was shorter with the resin printer, and I was astounded by the detail, not to mention it could print specific shapes without supports.

I wanted to keep as much light off as possible, so I considered running it inside a closet or building an enclosure lined with reflective material. Both these ideas fell away because I just tossed its shipping box over the top, and I'll remove it when I'm printing.
My newest printer

Resin models need additional curing after printed. Some people leave them in the sun, but I wrote an article about using reflective insulation as a substrate for ultraviolet LED strips and making curing chambers. An "oven" like this should work with any UV-sensitive resin. I found an insulated food tote at a surplus store for $0.75, and it was a different material than the suggested style, which turned out to be a good thing. The first builder needed blue tape as an interface between the insulation and lights, but I could apply the strips directly.
Oven lights

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